Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vitamins for healthy finger and toe nails?

Is there an over the counter vitamin that i can take that will improve my nail growth and healthiness?Vitamins for healthy finger and toe nails?
Try Biotin. Its cheap and you can get it at pretty much any store that sells vitamins. You need to take about 5000mcg a day. I do and my nails grow like crazy and are healthy..and my hair has gotten healthier too. Good luck!Vitamins for healthy finger and toe nails?
calcium. get a pill because its hard to get the write amount otherwise. make sure you get one that has calcium, vitamin d, and magnesium. the vitamin d helps absorb the calcium. its best to take at night.
u need lots of protein, eat foods with lots of protein, i dont think u can get protein pills. but u can get protein shakes and crap.
a regular multivitamin will help.

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