Friday, May 14, 2010

Discoloured toe nail?

For most of my life I've had a discoloured and crumbly big toe nail. My GP says it's not a fungal nail infection and it's normal but I'm not conviced. I'm using Curanail but haven't noticed any change. Does anyone know what's wrong with it?Discoloured toe nail?
Sounds like a fungus infection to me. I use LOPROX by Aventis. I's a transparent nail polish with ciclopirox 8% solution in it. It works.Discoloured toe nail?
Curanail can take 6 months to work - keep on with it and you'll see the difference xxx
You smoke with your hands,not your ruddy feet! you dont suffer from psoriosis or anything like that do you,that can discolour nails
Do you smoke?Because if you do ,it turns your nails yellow.
well once i put nail polish on my toes and left it on for like 1-2 weeks and when i took it off with nail polish remover the nail was a yellowie colour dont worry it will grow out
You have foot rot, dont worry the toe will drop off soon, it wont hurt.
maybe its just died. maybe you had an accident a long time ago or poor circulation.

you could ask about getting it removed if it really annoys you
You could always have the nail removed. maybe it will grow back after treatment. With things like curanail you have to thoroughly clean, dry and trim and then apply the stuff, are you doing all that.

Toe nail polish or no tail nail polish?

toe nail polish for sure!!Toe nail polish or no tail nail polish?
Whether a girl has nail polish or not doesn't really matter to me. What I can't stand is when girls have that 2 week-old nail polish thats all scratched and chipped.Toe nail polish or no tail nail polish?
Toe nail to see those painted toes!
tail nail polish?? LOL
All my nails are naked.

My toe nail is black?

Actually, it's not black at all. Just a line of black (blood). I believe I slammed my foot into something but it wasn't severe. The nail does not hurt at all. Do I just leave it? Will the black come off?

It looks embarassing up close lolMy toe nail is black?
Yeah it's kind of like a bruise. A lot of working men (like carpenters, mechanics, etc) get them on their fingers. Nothing to worry about. It'll probably take a while to go away but at least you can wear socks!My toe nail is black?
itll go away leave it dont pick at it

Help me choose my toe nail color ?!?

im getting ready to paint my toes, what color should i wear them ?Help me choose my toe nail color ?!?
Blue! :-DHelp me choose my toe nail color ?!?
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  • My toe nail.Helps me please.?

    My toe nail came off few weeks ago due to some accident.It was bloodied.Fortunately my toe suffered no fracture.How long does it take for the nail to grow back?ThanxMy toe nail.Helps me please.?
    Let's see.... If the whole toe nail came off then maybe about 2-5 months. It depends how much calcium to youu will digest during the healing process. But if it's only half torn off then maybe 3-4 weeks. It would help if you drink alot of milk during the healing process. Atleast three times a day! Hope This Helps!! =]My toe nail.Helps me please.?
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    Help...I think I have an Infected Toe Nail?

    I get pedicures about every two weeks at a local nail place, i woke up this morning and the big toe's nail was hanging by the side and looks to be infected, what should I do until I can go to the doctor on monday? There is no swelling, redness or tenderness at the sight.Help...I think I have an Infected Toe Nail?
    If you're worried, do exactly what the doctor would tell you to if it was infected: Soak your foot in warm water mixed with Epsom salts a few times a day. It can't hurt, and is inexpensive and easy to do. You can buy the box of salts at any drug store and a small plastic basin and follow the direction on the box. You say there is no swelling, redness, or tenderness, but it looks infected? Those are usually the symptoms of infection....what does it look like that makes you concerned?Help...I think I have an Infected Toe Nail?
    the asbury park press had an article about foot fungus. they said to take your nail and put it in a lemon and secure it good with tape. they said it would eliminate the infection by morning.

    I do not know if this is true, I just know it was in the paper.

    Toe Nail Fungus on big toe?

    Dose anybody no how to get rid of toe nail fungus, I have it a little bit on both big toes, any advise please Toe Nail Fungus on big toe?
    Dip both of your feet in molten lava. This should help get rid of the fungus.Toe Nail Fungus on big toe?
    at one point last year the nail was cmpltly coruptd went online and found bogus slutions of evry kind...I found out that lamisil comes in pill form, askd my Dr. abt itmy dr took a smple of the nail and sent to lab so my insrnce wud alw it, my dr remved my nail and I took the meds, nail grw bk perfct

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    Go to your family doctor or a podiatrist. There is a prescription medication that you coat the nail with, it is clear and it will stop the fungus and prevent it from returning for a long time, maybe forever.

    Over the counter so called medications will not work, the fungus will grow deeper into your tissue where you cannot see it while you are messing about with them. This tiny bottle is expensive, if I remember correctly the price is around $50.00 or so if you don't have insurance but it lasts for a long time.

    This works. My daddy had this issue all the years I was growing up. This is the medicine that cures it. It is not a fast thing but then again, it's winter so you can wear socks and be fine come spring with bright, pretty and healthy nails.
    The first option would be to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

    An at home remedy would be tea tree oil. You can purchase tea tree oil at drugstores/natural food stores/etc... Use a few drops (enough to cover) on each toenail. It may cause your toenail to become dry/brittle so start off using it once a day and work your way up to 3x until it clears. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal. Good luck! :o)
    Try Zetaclear Nail Fungus:


    It's made of effective herbs...
    hey dude just take zinc folic acid selenium 3 times a day it will kill the fungus take until gone
    they sell those stuff at cvs and stuff its easy its like an ointment that you put on